Cruise Travel Insurance

cruise travel insurance

Cruise trips are supposed to be one of the safest ways of traveling around the globe and visiting foreign countries, but recent events occurring in many different parts of the world show that traveling on well protected ships not always has to mean that the trip will also be safe from any trouble. Cruise companies go out of business and experience cancellations due to natural disaster problems just like any other travel agencies do. Even if terrorist attack is only a dark and very unlikely scenario, robberies and accidental loss of baggage is something that can happen to you very easily when you travel from one destination to another in a short period of time.

What is a cruise travel insurance?

Cruise insurance is a travel insurance policy created for everyone, who travels on cruise liners. Although cruise ships are usually insured and reimbursement options are calculated in the overall cost of the trip you should be aware that in case of a sudden cruise travel cancellation or interruption these reimbursements are very limited and usually do not cover for the total cost of the trip, nor for the possible disruptions to your journey (baggage loss, missed flights etc.)

Advantages of cruise travel insurance policies

Cruise travel insurance policies guarantee medical help and travel assistance beyond the standard services offered by the stuff at cruise liners. These policies also cover for everything that you can experience before the trip – traveling to the cruise liner’s departure point – or after the trip – traveling back home from the cruise liner’s destination point. Cruise insurance is especially recommended to those, who suffer from various diseases or plan to travel with lots of money. Families and couples traveling on cruise liners might want to consider buying the policy in order to have stress free journey and enjoy the best of it, instead of worrying about small details that might ruin their vacations. Compared with other types of travel policies cruise insurance is fairly inexpensive, which is one more reason why you should purchase it before you launch on the trip of your dreams.

Exclusions and other regulations for cruise travel insurance policies

Although cruise insurance policies usually offer everything that your basic reimbursement provided by the cruise company is lacking, they also come with additional restrictions you should be aware of before the purchase. Not all cruise liners and cruise companies are covered by popular insurers, usually due to poor performance of the cruise company and a significant record of cruise cancellations or interruptions in the past. Even if the company is on the insurer’s list some of its cruise trips might be considered too risky and therefore not covered by the insurer – this is usually a problem when the cruise trip route is set in a close proximity to the shores and waters of countries threatened by terrorist attacks. Some specific pre-existing medical conditions can also be the reason why the policy was not granted or was invalidated. 65+ year old travelers can usually expect to pay higher premiums than their younger colleagues for the same type of coverage.

Choosing the cruise travel insurance policy provider – how to do it right?

Always choose the policy after you purchased the cruise trip and made additional plans on flight to the departure point and back home from the final destination point.

If you plan to make a break during the trip or go somewhere else afterwards include that information in your plans, as it can affect the initial price of the policy or you might need additional travel insurance to cover for the time spent outside of the ship.

Cruise routes usually lead through several different countries, which can also cause problems for those with limited types of insurance plans. Always check if you can receive medical assistance from your insuring company in all of the countries you will be visiting during the cruise line trip.

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