Senior citizens travel insurance

It is a commonly known fact that our generation lives longer than the generations before us, therefore for many people, who had worked through their entire life retirement is a unique, special time, when they can embark on a journey of their lifetime or just enjoy relaxed atmosphere of one of the most beautiful travel destinations they always wanted to see, not worrying about going back to work on time. Traveling senior citizens are important target group for many travel agencies and chains of hotels, however seniors are often perceived as less preferred clients by insurance companies, because they are portrayed as a high risk group.

What is senior citizen travel insurance?

Senior citizen travel insurance is a policy for people at the age of 65 and older. This usually means that the target group of senior citizen travel insurance consists of people, who have already retired from their regular jobs. It is important to mention that not all companies offer insurance policies for seniors and if they do the policy is usually much more expensive than the same plan offered to the group of clients at the age of 18 to 64. The popular strategy used by insurance companies is to set age brackets and use them to calculate the exact cost of the insurance policy. For example, some companies require higher premiums from clients at the age of 65-74 and they do not offer insurance policies for clients above this age limit. Other companies set the limit at the age of 79 years old. The biggest insurance companies offer unlimited insurance policies, however this does not mean that the age factor is not important for them – it is always taken into consideration when establishing the costs of insurance policy. Unlimited insurance policies can be purchased by people at all age, even 80 years old and older.

Advantages of choosing senior citizen travel insurance

Insurance companies often fear that senior citizens’ medical claims will be much more expensive than the regular claims from younger people… and that is often quite true, because when we age the risk of developing heart disease, high blood tension or osteoporosis is indeed much higher in the group of 50, 60, 70 and 80 years old citizens. Therefore it is extremely important to choose reliable insurance provider, who is going to take care of all medical costs when the worst possible thing happens during your trip. Paying for the best vacations in your life might be quite expensive, but it is nothing compared to how much you would have to pay for medical assistance.

Visiting foreign countries and setting out on individual journey can be also more dangerous for seniors, who are often perceived as easy target by criminals. Good travel insurance policy should cover all unforeseen accidents than can happen along the way and provide you with a high reimbursement for your loss.

Additional costs and popular exclusions from senior citizen travel insurance

As it was mentioned above, the age restrictions are perceived as the most popular reason for not granting senior citizen travel insurance, especially when advanced age is also combined with pre-existing medical conditions. Medical screening is the most common procedure obligatory for all clients, who apply for senior citizen travel insurance. Should you know that you have a medical condition, which was not examined during the screening, it is highly advised that you inform the insurer about the disease. Hiding this sort of information from the insurer can result in invalidation of the policy or lack of reimbursement for medical emergency caused by the condition.

 Tips for seniors looking for travel insurance

Travel insurance policies for seniors are usually very expensive, but you surely do not want to cut the costs by saving on medical expenses. To save some money and get the full coverage look for features, which are of less importance for you. For example, do not order annual travel insurance policy if you plan to travel just a few times a year and spend only few days this way. While ordering annual travel insurance is very convenient for frequent travelers it is usually very expensive once you turn 65. Instead you might want to buy the insurance policy for every trip separately, to not pay for all those days, which you will spend at home instead of traveling.

The same rule should be applied to covered by the policy countries: if you plan to travel only around Europe do not buy expensive worldwide policy.

If you have a problem with finding insurance company willing to provide you with a senior travel policy try either at the biggest companies or at one of the agencies specializing in senior travel insurance – they usually have more flexible regulations and offer unlimited policies.

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